Can You Get an Overdose on Cannabis?

Cannabis has an age-old reputation for being an illicit drug. If you have heard any tales from stoners, you would know that the experience is not always great. Today’s research and findings suggest that it is non-toxic and there is no single death recorded due to its use. However, it is possible to consume too much of this drug. As with any other drug, taking too much can bring undesirable results. The most common risk for beginners is overdosing on their product to feel unwanted effects and never giving it a try again. Here, we learn more about marijuana overdose, its effects and some tips to deal with it.

What is a Marijuana Overdose?

A lot of us question how this drug can be taken in too high doses even when it is non-toxic. The reality is that it is still common to get overdosed. Though this overdosing is not so fatal as caffeine or alcohol, it can cause some uncomfortable effects. Even if you consume large doses of this compound, it does not suppress the respiratory system and make breathing difficult. There are substances that damage the brain and organs and even kill the user. This means weed cannot be dosed fatally but it is something different. A high dose can give you discomforting effects and make you feel sleepy. Though some users get frightened, these negative effects from taking too much generally go away within hours.

Edibles are more responsible for overdoses as they take longer to show peak effects and users make the mistake of consuming more in this period. When the effects combine, you feel a stronger experience than desired.

How Does It Feel Like?

Cannabis is somewhat strange as it contains so many active components including THC, CBD and other popular ones that act differently. If you take too much of THC, you experience psychoactive effects that are different from the effects caused by cannabidiol. The effects of an overdose are generally tolerated if you keep calm and stay in a comfortable setting. Here are some of the most common effects of taking too much of the supplement.


Some of the most concerning effects of taking too much include anxiety and paranoia. Though the herb is non-toxic and does not cause any long-term harm, users experiencing paranoia feel that the effects are severe. When taken in very high doses, THC can induce panic attacks as well. Such effects can frighten the user and it requires you to stay calm and get some sleep to be able to cope with it.


Inhaling or eating too much of this compound can make the user sleepy. Fatigue is the most common side effects of overdosing on cannabis. This effect is good in one way as it saves you from experiencing other serious problems.

Low Blood Pressure

The psychoactive component in weed is known to drop the pressure of blood. This is why users are often seen with dilated, red eyes. The effect on blood pressure reduces with increasing tolerance but taking a too high dose can cause this effect.

Rapid Heart Beating

A few people, specifically new users, can experience an increased heart rate with the use of this supplement. While such effects go away on their own with time, it is important to pay attention to heart rate, particularly for users suffering from cardiovascular problems. This effect can also cause further complications like anxiety and panic attacks in some. Heart rate can go down within a few hours and get normal.

Impaired Movement

Alcohol and drugs can impair movement and impact the ability to stand or walk. It is also possible to experience these effects by taking too much marijuana, though not so severely. Too much of THC can make your sensations to movement different than normal and your body can make odd moves. The active ingredients affect regions in the brain responsible for motor control, making your co-ordination difficult.

How to Handle Marijuana Overdose

The first thing to consider after taking too much of THC is to avoid any panic. You should know that the herb itself cannot cause any harm and that the effects will last for a few hours only. There are some tips you can try to make through the unwanted experience.

Take CBD

The interaction of this non-psychoactive compound with THC is known to mitigate the unwanted effects and high. You can have some CBD-rich products to deal with anything you are experiencing out of a high cannabis dose.

Get Black Pepper

Ingesting some fresh black pepper can help prevent the psychoactive effects and make you feel better.

Change the Setting

You can try going out for a walk if you feel comfortable. Otherwise, you can go to another quiet room or get some fresh air to feel calm and relaxed.

Indulge in Something Good

Consider distracting your attention by reading a nice book, playing a video game or watching a movie. Taking off the focus from negative effects can make a lot of difference.